Hair Care Products

Experience -The Science of Skincare for Hair™.Experience Alterna.  Alterna's trademark technologies Enzymetherapy® and Photozyme Complex™ with Color Hold™ will have your hair looking and feeling better than it has ever before.  Enzymetherapy® was developed by going back to the basics of haircare and examining exactly what the hair requires to grow strong and healthy.  Enzymes occur naturally in the body and convert nutrients into a usable form.  Enzymetherapy®, a technology in every Alterna product, assists in the delivery effectiveness of essential ingredients by providing the enzymes required to help transform ingredients into a structure that the hair and follicle can absorb easily.  For the first time, hair can take in an advanced level of essential fatty acids, vitamins, minerals and proteins necessary for superior keratin production resulting in thicker, stronger, healthier hair.

Alterna's exclusive Photozyme Complex™ was specifically developed to provide the highest level of color protection - from color fade caused by UVA, UVB and visible light rays from the sun, along with artificial light sources.  Fruit derived enzymes, powerful UV protectants and special silicones prevent photo-degradation, safeguard against future damage and prolong color vibrancy.  In addition to color fade properties, Alterna's unique Photozyme Complex™ also offers color wash out protection.  The result is longer lasting hair color compared to conventional haircare products.

With Alterna products and the techniques we employ at A White Pond Paradise Salon & Day Spa, your hair will never look and feel better.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask any of the White Pond Paradise Design Team.