Covid-19 Updates

In light of the recent recommedations by the CDC, we are no longer requiring clients and/or team members to wear masks if they've been fully vaccinated.  If you haven't, we ask that you comply.  We also understand these types of decisions are between the individual and their doctor and should remain private.  If you are more comfortable wearing a mask, by all means do so.  We respect everyone's decision and ask you do so as well.  When the mask mandate is lifted by June 2nd, we will not require or recommend anyone wear a mask.  Again, if you are more comforatable doing so, by all means do.  We simply ask that if you feel you may be sick please hunker down unitl you're well.  

Please know we are continuing to follow all of the minimun requirements by the Ohio State Board of Cosmetology and the Ohio Medical Board as we've always done.  Your safety and well being is a priority for us and want you to know we've basically had 20 years of practice for times like these.  The sanitation steps we are required to do in the treatment rooms is basically the same as before.  We do a few things that go above and beyond the requirements from the State Board of Cosmetology and the main difference now is that some of these protocols have been extended into the common areas in the spa.  Some of those things are that all of our hot towel cabbies have UV sterilization in them.  Not only will this eradicate the virus but the heat should as well.  For the metal implements that are used, they are placed in autoclave that provides UV sterilization and that's after soaking 10 minutes in a hospital grade disinfectant.  The autoclave is over and above.  Rest assured, we are doing our very best to make sure you're receiving treatments in a safe, sanitary environment.  We are confident of our execution in this area as it's one of the most consistent responses we get from people who review us is how clean our spa is.  If all of us use common sense, be courteous and respectful of everyone's personal space, everyone should have a great experience.

Here's some things we ask of you when you come in for an appointment:

  • First and foremost, if you feel sick or think you are sick and especially if you have a fever, please do not come in.  We ask that you reschedule your appointment.  Just because you have a fever doesn't mean you have COVID-19, but you are most likely contagious with something and shouldn't come in.  You know your body, just do what's right.
  • We are required to adhere to social distancing guidelines for a short while longer.  When you come up to the front door and see someone at the desk, please wait until you've been instructed to come in.  If you prefer to call from your car when you arrive, that will work too.  Once you are inside, please adhere to the social distancing guidelines.  If you are with an immediate family member or are with a caregiver, you are permitted to have those persons with you during your treatment if necessary.  Otherwise, the only people allowed in the spa are ones with an appointment.  
  • We will be wearing masks (unless we or you have been vaccinated) and due to the governor's recent mandate, you are required you to wear one as well.  If you need to cough or sneeze, please direct it away from anyone and cover your nose/mouth with your arm.
  • For massage clients, we will not be performing couples massages for the foreseeable future but we are still able to do two massages at the same time.


Please check this page regularly as there may be updates.  Thank you for your adherence to these requirements and we look forward to seeing you soon!