Your New Spring Skincare Treatment

Mar 26, 2018
Ladies it's time to glow! Our DermaPeel Treatment is going to be your New Anti-aging BFF!  Your skin will look and feel younger!  Spring is finally here and it is a great time for you to revive your skin after the long winter months.  Our...

Prevent and Reverse Skin Aging with the powerful combination of Vitamins A & C

Nov 01, 2016
As an esthetician, I am always getting asked “what are the best products for anti-aging?”  The top two ingredients that always come to mind are Vitamin C and Vitamin A (retinol).  These ingredients when used in conjunction are a powerhouse...

ABC's of Summer Skin Protection

Jun 20, 2016
Summer is here and in full swing!  Vacationing, eating outdoors and getting more sun are how most of us will spend these next few months; which in return, means an increased risk of sun damage and possibly skin cancer.  Over the past...

Transitioning Our Skincare Regiment from Winter to Summer

May 24, 2016
Let’s take a minute to talk about our skincare regime.  Most of us know that cleansing our skin daily and adding the appropriate amount of moisture is essential for a healthy complexion.  What many people don’t realize is its imperative to...

Summer Hair Tips

Jun 15, 2015
Summer Vacation is a great time to think about UV protection on your luscious locks.  Did you know that one of the worst culprits of fading hair color is the sun?  Many of our clients have told us when they go on vacation they pull their...

Skin Care 101

Oct 17, 2014
Submitted by Cynthia  I’m sure most of you know that your skin is the largest organ in, or in this case, on your body averaging roughly 20 square feet per person!  Because it interfaces with the environment, your skin plays a key role in...