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Here in Paradise, we look at Back to School a little differently.  After you’ve gone through all of the stress, the hustle & bustle of getting the kids back to school, it’s time to get in a little relaxation for yourself! The old saying does hold true, “when mom is happy, everyone is happy!” So mom, congratulations for making it through another summer and getting the little ones back to reading, writing & arithmetic.  Spend a little time in Paradise... You’ve earned it!

Reading, Writing & Relaxation - $169

60-minute Aromatherapy Massage, Gel Manicure & Pumpkin Detox Pedicure

Mom's Recess - $145

60-minute Swedish Massage, Spa Facial & Make-Up Consultation

Back to School...  Back to the Spa! - $129

60-minute Swedish Massage & Pumpkin Detox Pedicure

Teacher's Pet - $99

Paradise Manicure & Paradise Pedicure

First Day of School - $89

30-minute Swedish Massage & Mini-Facial

Get 15% - 40% off of product purchases too!  Promotions valid through September 30, 2019.


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