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We've brought a little taste of the Caribbean to you with some coconut/lime inspired treatments that are simply intoxicating.  These hydrating treatments are a great way to help you enjoy summer and they smell amazing!  

Coconut Lime Body Treatment - $95

This treatment starts with the Coconut Lime Body Polish but after the scrub, a hydrating Coconut Lime mask is applied to your entire body and you steam for 15-20 minutes.  This mask provides your skin with a water-lipid layer increasing the amount of nutrients and oxygen in the skin cells, neutralizing free radicals and protecting connective tissue. All while helping to reverse sun damage.  A vichy rain shower rinses away the mask and a Coconut Lime Butter Cream is applied to seal in the moisture.  Approximate time - 55 minutes.

Coconut Lime Body Polish - $65

An oil free, sea salt-based scrub is applied over your enitre body which stimulates and exfoliates the skin, improves texture, unclogs pores and pre-pares the skin for improved penetration of butter creams and lotions.  A vichy rain shower rinses away the scrub and a Coconut Lime Butter Cream is applied to seal in the moisture.  Approximate treatment time - 30 minutes

Coconut Lime Detox Pedicure - $65

Your feet start in a detoxifying soak of minerals and essential oils before we thoroughly exfoliate your feet and dress up those little piggies!  After your feet are exfoliated, a Coconut Lime Moisture Mask is applied to your feet and wrapped in a hot towel.  After masking, enjoy an excellent foot and lower leg massage and some polish for your nails will have you forgetting the market.  You're ready for a night on the town!  Approximate treatment time - 55 minutes. 

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