Salt Glow

A special mixture of sea salt, powdered herbs, and minerals blended with aromatherapy oil are massaged onto your body, gently cleansing away dead cells and buffing your skin to a smooth finish.  Your skin will be glowing and toned after an invigorating Vichy rainshower.  Especially effective prior to a body massage. Approximate treatment time: 25 minutes.

$80 per session or Series of 6 treatments - $432

Herbology Body Retexturizer

Based on the ancient science of healing with herbs, this potent treatment smoothens, softens and nourishes your skin while relieving stress and anxiety.  Approximate treatment time: 55 minutes.

$105 per session or Series of 6 treatments - $567

Firmology Body Smoothing Treatment

This two-part treatment exfoliates the body, smoothing away dead, rough skin while the second part hydrates, lubricates and firms the body leaving it exceptionally soft and smooth.  Approximate treatment time: 55 minutes.

$135 per session or Series of 6 treatments - $729

Aromatherapy Body Wrap

Warm, aromatic plant oils counter the effects of stress and balance vital life energies.  An equalizing herbal tonic revitalizes your body as you emerge relaxed, de-stressed and withsmooth, silky skin.  Approximate treatment time: 55 minutes.

$115 per session or Series of 6 treatments - $621

Mud Therapy Body Mask

Smooth and nourish your body when you indulge in this cooling spa treatment. As you relax, powerful plant extracts are released, stimulating your skin’s metabolism. This nourishing and revitalizing treatment is a real boost for sluggish skin.  Approximate treatment time: 55 minutes.

$135 per session or Series of 6 treatments - $729


Experience the healing benefits of water as powerful jets soothe muscles and induce deep relaxation.  You will feel the ultimate in muscle relief as your body aches are soothed and tensions melt away.  Excellent when combined with our Massage treatments.  Approximate treatment time: 20 minutes

Choose from the following treatments:

  • Aromatherapy - Calms and balances the mind and body
  • Milk Bath - Softens and moisturizes dry skin
  • Detox Bath - Detoxifies skin and relieves aching muscles

$55 per session or Series of 6 treatments - $297

Woman getting a massage