Ben's Success Story


I’d like to share a success story one of our clients shared with us and am grateful she has allowed us to share with you.  Angela came to us in late February of 2018 for multiple services in our spa.  After receiving a facial from one of our estheticians, Geanina, she decided to bring her son in.  About one week later, we were introduced to her 16 year old son, Ben, for his first facial. 

Ben was like a lot of teenagers as he was dealing with severe acne.  Oh the good ole days!  He is very active, playing 3 sports so he’s constantly sweating and showering.  Naturally, his skin became a safe haven for bacteria and being a teenager dealing with hormones, Ben was having a difficult time keeping his acne under control and also was unsure on how to best take care of his skin.

Angela could’ve put Ben under the care of a dermatologist and had him start some type of medicine and/or medicated products which may have provided quick results but often times your dealing with side effects and your skin gets very dry and/or irritated.  I’m of the opinion, the less medicine in your body the better.  Luckily, there are viable, healthy alternatives. 

During Ben’s first facial, Geanina treated the current condition of Ben’s skin, recommended which products Ben was to use at home and taught him what a proper skin care regimen would be to achieve the results he was looking for.  She also helped Ben with his diet instructing him on what foods were best to stay away from and he started taking the Skin Accumax skincare supplements.  After 6 months, Ben achieved outstanding results!  Here's the pictures to prove it.    

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Ben deserves the majority of the credit for his success.  He followed instruction very well, was very disciplined and consistent with his skin care regimen and diet and he continued to get regular facials.  Most importantly, he was patient and his patience paid off!  His friends have noticed the difference.  Other parents consistently comment upon the improvement in his skin.  And, best of all, his self-confidence has improved as a result.  In making this choice to seek help with his skin care, Ben has made some very beneficial lifestyle changes with really no side effects.  He’s better prepared to handle flare ups with his skin by being empowered with the knowledge of how to properly take care of his skin.  Congratulations Ben!

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