Summer Hair Tips


Summer Vacation is a great time to think about UV protection on your luscious locks.  Did you know that one of the worst culprits of fading hair color is the sun?  Many of our clients have told us when they go on vacation they pull their hair back and forget about it.  What if instead we actually take advantage of the sun?  When I go to the beach and play in the sand, my hair has a cocktail of UV protection and deep conditioner on it.  My hair is protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays but the heat allows the conditioners to penetrate more deeply leaving me with soft, silky, shiny hair!

One of our favorite deep conditioners is Paul Mitchel’s Wild Ginger Keratin Intensive Treatment. Awapuhi extract is the secret weapon that replenishes hair with moisture and shine. (Awapuhi is flowering plant indigenous to Hawaii. The locals use the clear juice from the flowering plant for several things but the most common is shampoo and conditioner. Neat huh? )

To shield your strands I like our new Alterna Bamboo Summer Sun-Kissed Smooth for UV protection.  Featured in this month’s American Salon Magazine “Beauty and the Beach bag essentials”, this product is versatile and can be used on wet or dry hair!  I scrunch about a quarter sized amount of each product and rake them through my ends. (I have fine shoulder length hair so don’t be afraid to use more for thicker longer hair)  You could also pull your hair in a high bun so your ends catch the rays from the sun. This is a simple trick that will harness the suns heat.  These products also act as a protective shield when you swim in harsh water such as the ocean, pool, or lake.  The best part is when you are ready for a night out on the town your hair will be moisturized and soft to the touch.

Another great product to grab is our Alterna Bamboo Beach Summer Sun Shine Spray.  This June’s issue of Launchpad magazine says “It’s a shade saver! A protective hair veil incorporates UV filters and color-hold technology to guard from the effects of prolonged sunlight.”  This product sprays on clean dry hair and adds a great glossy shine while protecting it.  So the next time you leave your home behind for some much needed R & R., or just spending the day outdoors pruning your bushes, just remember UV protection isn’t just for your skin!

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