Top 5 Reasons to get regular Pedicures


If you are like the vast majority of people that flock to the spa in the spring for a pedicure you believe it’s not important to get pedicures all year long.  You probably think “No ones sees my feet for over half of the year so why bother?”  Here are five reasons to make regular pedicures a part of your beauty and fitness routine.

1) Prevent and treat calluses and corns – Calluses and corns occur all year long.  They are hardened, built up layers of flaky dry skin that can hurt and crack if they get too thick and cracking will increase the risk of infection. Calluses and corns are caused by dry cold winter weather, soapy water, being barefoot frequently, and wearing shoes without socks. Regular pedicures will keep corns and calluses at bay and keep feet smooth.

2) Promote healthy toes nails – Face it – it’s tough to cut your own toe nails without getting them lopsided! Improper trimming and filing can lead to ingrown toe nails which are painful and can lead to infection.  Regular trimming and filing will prevent this and leave you with strong, healthy nails. This is especially important for runners and exercise enthusiasts.

3) Nurture healthier skin and joints- Pedicures always begin with a spa foot soak.  This softens the skin and promotes circulation in your lower leg, ankle and foot while disinfecting your feet.  The increased circulation will reduce pain and swelling in your feet from sitting, standing and walking all day. 

4) Increase your self confidence – Think your feet aren’t attractive? Pedicures make you look good! Having regular pedicures will make your feet sweet to look at – whether you are sitting by the fire or sporting sandals at the beach. Besides – the spa is a great escape anytime of the year to relax and unwind!

5) Relieve stress – Foot massage has been practiced for hundreds of years.  Massage feels good but also helps to ease tight muscles, reduce swelling, and aids in improved joint mobility. The increased blood flow brings oxygen to the tissue in the feet and legs.  In addition, massage will not only help you relax but can also relive fatigue!

So the next time you look at those feet that carry you about your busy day – why not schedule a break for you and for them? Schedule a pedicure today!

Woman getting a massage