Your New Spring Skincare Treatment


Ladies it's time to glow!

Our DermaPeel Treatment is going to be your New Anti-aging BFF!  Your skin will look and feel younger! 

Spring is finally here and it is a great time for you to revive your skin after the long winter months.  Our philosophy is simply about "Aging Later".  We make every effort to be clear and concise with our recommendations and everything we do is for maximum benefits in assisting you achieve glowing, healthy skin.  Our new facial treatment will leave your skin feeling fresh and vibrant getting you ready for summer!

Our DermaPeel Treatment combines Dermaplaning with one of several amazing Enzyme Treatments.  Dermaplaning is an effective and safe exfoliation procedure to remove excess dead skin and vellus hair (peach fuzz) making your skin look and feel smoother.  Dermaplaning devotees herald a long list of gorgeous skin benefits.  Yes, there is the exfoliation factor, removal of unwanted hair, the reduction in appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and scarring from acne.  Other benefits include increased absorption of your skincare products and make-up application becomes smoother and easier.  Dermaplaning works on all skin types provides instant results and there’s no downtime.   So, Dermaplaning is not just a deep exfoliation, it really brightens up your skin giving you a glowing, dewy look!  

I’m often asked if facial hair grows back thicker or darker.  Absolutely not!  This is a total myth, and one I hope goes away very soon.  The structure of your hair follicle will not be changed by simply removing the vellus hair from your face.  No worries here!

The Enzyme Treatment portion of our DermaPeel is designed to energize the skin cells with a unique rejuvenating enzyme process.  This treatment continues to minimize fine lines and wrinkles while significantly improving your skin’s texture and tone as it rejuvenates the skin.  Collagen production is increased and you will definitely notice healthier and more vibrant skin!  The Enzyme Facial Treatment is based on creating a healthy place for cells to live so that they thrive and produce healthy skin.  Sounds simple enough, but there is a great deal of science and research behind it.  The Enzyme Facial Treatment enhances optimal skin functioning by working with internal systems to increase circulation and oxygenation while lymphatic drainage tightens and strengthens the skin through enhanced collagen production.  This process helps to clear toxins and free radicals, leaving the skin bouncy and youthful!

Spring is a great time to begin a facial regimen, it’s all about renewal, so I always recommend a great deep cleansing facial to start the season right.  Our Dermapeel is an excellent way to achieve this.

THIS is the season to discover your radiance!  Come and see us soon!

Submitted by Geanina

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